Special THANKS to all who turned out to volunteer with the Good Neighbor Committee!

The Good Neighbor Committee is always looking for ways to have a positive impact on our local communities through volunteer service.  The Good Neighbor Committee doesn’t necessarily look for projects related to housing.  We look for anything that will lend support where needed and  show that REALTORS® care about what goes on in our community.

REALTORS® are Good Neighbors.

The two most recent projects that CRAR volunteers have been involved with is the children’s art booth at Summerfest in Logan, Utah and our semi-annual Roadside Cleanup.  At Summerfest, we were charged with the task of helping children with multiple art projects and to keep the art tables clean and organized. Since this particular booth runs all day, each day of Summerfest, they are in desperate need of shift volunteers.  They were ecstatic that we were able to fill 3 whole shifts and welcomed us to join them again next year.

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The semi-annual Roadside Cleanup gives us the opportunity to pick up garage along a 3-mile stretch in Richmond, Utah (a stretch that certainly see’s its fair share of interesting garbage).  For about 2 hours, volunteers grab their bright orange garbage bags and walk along the highway, picking up beer bottles, soda cans, shoes, magazines and other items people throw out their windows.







If you missed out on these opportunities, join us the next time.  Whether we’re helping kids or cleaning up garbage, we have a great time working together and now that what we do makes a huge difference!