Inman News released a report highlighting metro areas that are expected to “outshine many other markets in real estate performance this year.”
Foreclosures can offer big bargains, but buyers need to be careful that they don’t get over their heads in purchasing a home that may need more repairs than they bargained for.
The Treasury Department is investigating allegations against Freddie Mac that accuse the government-sponsored enterprise of “betting against home owners’ ability to refinance their loans” while also putting in roadblocks to make it more difficult refinance at today’s lower rates, White House spokesman Jay Carney said Monday.
Black segregation in American cities has reached its lowest point in more than a century, according to a Manhattan Institute report. However, the report cautions that doesn’t mean segregation has disappeared completely from neighborhoods across the country.
Do-it-yourself tiny homes is a growing niche among some who desire eco-friendly lifestyles, The Wall Street Journal reports.
A series of new books are coming out next month that show aspiring home owners how they can build their own small home.
Federal and state officials negotiating with major banks on a settlement over allegedly improper foreclosures have given state attorneys general until Feb. 3 to opt in to a potential deal. The number of states participating could affect the value of the deal or whether an accord is even reached.