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President Obama, in his State of the Union address Tuesday, vowed to keep the “American dream” alive, which included several efforts aimed at lifting the economy and the ailing housing market.
Obama said that he intends to submit a plan to Congress that will help more underwater home owners — those who owe more than their home’s current value — to refinance.
“No more red tape,” Obama said during the speech. “No more runaround from the banks.”
Many in the real estate industry were concerned that a change announced last year to the maximum seller contributions allowed for Federal Housing Administration-insured loans could cause more deals to fall apart. The FHA announced last year that it would cut seller contributions from 6 percent to 3 percent for purchases using FHA-insured loans. Seller concessions, such as seller assistance to buyers in closing costs, can play a big part in FHA-financed home sales and in closing deals, real estate agents say.
Some cities are known for having more stress than others. Sperling’s Best Places recently ranked the most stressful cities in the country, taking into account such factors as unemployment, suicide rate, divorce rate, commute times, crime, mental health, and the number of cloudy days, among other factors.