2020 Recognition Award Recipients

REALTOR® OF THE YEAR Given to an outstanding Realtor® member who shows commitment to clients, the community and to the Realtor® organization.

Jen Luman, Youngblood Real Estate
“Jen checks every box. She’s commited to her clients, the community and the Realtor® organization. She is nothing short of a super star! She is incredibly dedicated to her clients and bends over backwards to take care of them – she has the referrals to prove it! Jen has many raving fans. Arriving early to the office aech day, Jen is ready for every challenge that comes her way, and handles each transaction with complete professionalism. Not only is Jen brights, she is a very generous woman, giving back to the community with each home she sales.”

ROOKIE OF THE YEAR Given to a newcomer in the field of real estate who has proven to be an outstanding Realtor® in a relatively short period of time.

Trisa Hansen, Youngblood Real Estate
“Trisa has become an exceptional agents in a short amount of time. Trisa is licensed in both Utah and Idaho, and works diligently each day to help buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals. Trisa is a caring, loving and entertaining person that her clients adore. Although meticulous about every detail, she’s a blast to work with. She is consistently reading forms, asking questions, and taking lasses to educate herself in the real estate industry.”

PRESIDENTIAL AWARD Given to a member of the community who has helped promote the Realtor® organization.

Nancy Buckway, Achievement Realty
“When called upon to act, Nancy will set up and lead. Nancy supports the Realtor® cause of the private ownership of property on local, state and national levels. She recognizes the importance of advocacy and real estate. Nancy also participates in consumer outreach products that helps stregnthen our local communities and works hard to establish Realtors® as valuable community assets.”

AFFILIATE OF THE YEAR AWARD This award is presented to an Affiliate Member of the CRAR who shown exceptional interest in the Association and who has committed time and resources in various capacities for the Association.

IBEX Home Warranty
Although familiar faces, IBEX is still one of our newest Affiliate members, but also, one of our most involved. IBEX has integrated themselves well into our area, always wanting to help with classes and events, and even going as far as to help out with individual brokerage parties. Chad, Adam, Christina & Holli are one of a kind, wanting to provide our members with a unique, friendly and fun experience.

COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE AWARD This award honors a Realtor® member who has gone “above and beyond” in their service to the Association, its members and the community.

Chelsea Funk, Coldwell Banker Gold Key Realty
Chelsea brings a level of excitement to aevery task she undertakes! She has served as the President of Cache Valley Women’s Council of Realtors® during 2019 and has tripled their organization membership. Chelsea was honored in Washington DC by a panel of peers for her accomplishments and her ability to be a role model for other Association Presidents. Her leadership makes all Realtors® feel welcome at events and is always a promoter of Realtors®. Chelsea also worked hard to promote RPAC during 2019 and helped the committee exceed all fundraising goals. Chelsea works hard for her clients, always giving 100%. She’s responsibe, caring, professional and knowledgeable.

GOOD NEIGHBOR Honoring an individual who has made exceptional contributions to their community this past year.

Mike Hofler, Deep Canyon Construction
During a time when contractors were extremely busy, Mike set aside time to help the Cache Valley Realtors® with not one, but two community outreach programs this year. First when building a handicap ramp fora double amputee, retired military veteren, and again with a widowed homeowner in Lewiston whose home was falling into disrepair. Mike jumped at the opportunity to help the Association and our local homeowners. He made personal connections with each homeowner and the agents who voluteered their time to help. Mike donated time, supplies and received nothing in return. Without Mike, his skills and expertise, or his desire to help, these projects would not have been as successful as they were.