More home buyers may jump off the sidelines this spring as they get more urgent about purchasing a home, fearing that home price and mortgage rate increases are on the horizon.
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could possibly curb its losses by $1.7 billion if the mortgage giants reduced the mortgage principal on about 691,000 underwater home owners, according to a newly released analysis.
Bank of America announced it is refining its short sale process to streamline its approval process and reduce the wait in accepting offers and making it to closing. The changes are expected to trim the bank’s decision time in half — from 45 days or longer to 20 days, Inman News reports.
Foreclosed homes in predominantly white neighborhoods tend to be better maintained than foreclosed homes in black and Latino neighborhoods, which were more likely to be found in disrepair and appear abandoned, finds a new study by the National Fair Housing Alliance.
Apple CEO Tim Cook keeps stressing life in the “post-PC world” and with tablet sales surging in recent months, more analysts are starting to believe he’s right.
When choosing a domain name for their Web site, real estate agents should consider incorporating the name of their market, keeping in mind that domain names with large cities likely have been taken already.