If you’re planning a kitchen, there are a few essential kitchen layout ideas you need to keep in mind as you’re designing and planning, using the Granite Transformations online services is essential for this. The positioning of the sink is an important one to consider – especially if you’re working on a new build or renovation project where there’s the opportunity to move everything around a little more (for the better)!

Today we’re going to be chatting about cooking zones in the kitchen – but first of all I want to take a minute to remind you of a couple of very important things when it comes to your kitchen design ideas :- the perfect kitchen design is one that meets the needs of you and your family whilst considering your budget at the same time… and keep in mind ‘rules’ are meant to be broken. So your kitchen sink for example shouldn’t go directly alongside your oven as it will obviously be a risk if water or steam comes from the age or under oven will spill over onto the worktop nearby which could create a danger to you and others on the kitchen floor as well causing damage so be mindful of this. It’s also important to check that the doors on these appliances are well sealed to prevent any water getting between the gap underneath in case the water leakage from the oven drips directly onto other elements in your kitchen design and could cause problems over time too.. Don’t forget the wet areas of the dishwasher near the hob will also cause potential leaks if you add in the growing risk of under counter fridges then it’s.

Understandable that you want to try and keep these areas separate wherever possible to reduce the risk of risk Naturally we’re not going to plan every single little detail for your home so this is where we come in to help with a variety of bespoke service options from sourcing appliances and worktops through to managing the entire project for you if you’d like us to even help you install the fitting in your luxury Kitchen. Whether renovating an existing space from scratch or simply replacing a few key pieces in your current design to give it a new look it can be exciting to even think about a new range of electric and gas kitchen appliances as well as a fresh coat of paint on the walls or perhaps new flooring for the breakfast bar area but it can feel a little overwhelming trying to make decisions on the kitchen lighting.