“Home” Has A

Whole New Meaning

There’s no doubt 2020 has been challenging.

A global pandemic coupled with an economic recession has caused heartache for many. One lesson we’ve learned is that life as we know it can change rather quickly. However, the effects of 2020 has also taught us the importance of having a place to call home and what the definition of home means to you.

Now, home has transformed beyond a place of refuge, comfort & security. It’s become a place that must fulfill needs that once existed outside the home. For many, a home now must double as a workspace, gym, school and/or sanctuary.

But what if your current home doesn’t meet your needs?



Economic Factors

Increase in demand for houses + a shortage of homes for sale = home prices appreciating rapidly.

Some may be cautious about entering the market right now, especially if they know they’ll face fewer choices & bidding wars. The truth of the matter is, even though homes have appreciated by a whopping 6.7% over the last 12 months, the cost to buy a home has actually dropped. This is largely due to mortgage rates falling by a full percentage point. Let’s compare…

2019   –   $300,000 @ 3.75% = $1,389 monthly payment

2020   –   $300,000 @ 2.72% = $1,302 monthly payment

Compared to this time last year, you’ll actually save $87 dollars per month (principal & interest) by purchasing that home today, equating to over $1,000 savings each year.

Is the economy still in a recession? Yes, however, that’s what makes it the perfect time to buy your first home or move up to a larger one. When volatile assets are facing recessions, hard assests, such as real estate, THRIVE. Historically speaking, residential real estate has done better compared to other markets during and after recessions.

Virtual Home Buying

In a year when we’re learning to do so much remotely, home buying is no exception.

From going to work to attending school, grocery shopping and even seeing our doctors online, digital practices have changed the way we live. But rather than delaying home purchases, buyers – alongside their trusted real estate professional – turned to the internet to do more than just a typical home search. In some cases, they bought homes without even stepping foot inside!

According to the National Association of Realtors®, throughout the pandemic, 1 in every 20 homebuyers purchased a house sight-unseen.

Real estate professionals are using digital practices to help home buyers and sellers walk through many steps of the process virtually. While following the regulations set forth by the CDC and local health officials, agents quickly empowered buyers and sellers with virtual tours, 3D floor plans, high-quality photos, videos, online open houses and more. Instead of viewing 9+ homes in-person (average), buyers now view most virtually, and only average 4 in-person tours. Virtual options helped buyers safely narrow down top choices, reducing the need to walk into more homes than needed.

National Association of Realtors® 2020 Profile of Home Buyers & Sellers cited their digital home search preferences:





At a time when health & safety are top priorities, current technology is making it possible for buyers and sellers to move their real estate plans forward at their own comfort levels, even through a worldwide pandemic. For many, this means buyers no longer have to physically tour every home they want to see, and sellers don’t need to open their doors over and over again throughout the process. Safety can come first, and trusted real estate professionals are here to help.


With home prices still increasing & mortgages rates poised to begin increasing soon,
finding your next home makes a lot of sense. Here’s a list of a few simple
steps to guide you through the home buying experience.

Choose a Realtor®

Contact a local real estate professional to guide you through the process. They’ll be your greatest asset & advocate when it comes to finding the perfect home to meet all your needs.

Get Pre-Approved

Learn your credit score & clean up any miscellaneous debts. Differentiate yourself as a serious buyer and have a better sense of what you can afford.

Find a Home

Working with your Realtor® you’ll have access to a massive database of available homes. Narrow down the list based on location, needs & overall budget.

Close the Sale & Move in!

Your Realtor® will schedule a closing date once the loan is approved. Final paperwork will be signed using a title company. Once settled & recorded you can move in. Congrats! You’re a homeowner.