Special THANKS goes out to our Good Neighbor Committee, who continues to keep our designated stretch of highway clean and free of garbage.

Several times per year, the GNC, along with other Members of the CRAR, put on gloves and get dirty while picking up trash alongside Highway 89 between Richmond and Smithfield.  Their dedication and commitment to this project, which started in 2008 by Janice Williams, Past-President, show that we care about our community and that REALTORS® can be “Good Neighbors.”

Participants: Wendy Ciampini, Tiffani Rudd, Kent Dunkley, Debbie Parry, Stephen Tuescher, Shirlene Davis, Ron Andrus, Jason Holmes, Barb Roberts, Vern Fielding, Benjamin Brown, Robert Brown, Whitney Glenn, Myrna Emanuel, Beth Blaser and Greg Henderson.