Not all areas were badly hit in the recession, a new study finds. In fact, nearly a quarter of states saw wages, median household incomes, and other earnings grow throughout the downturn, a study by Sentier Research finds.
The tightened lending standards are keeping a lot of young professionals on the sidelines in home buying today. That’s where more parents are stepping in.
The worst year for home building on record was 2011, but the year ended with a surge in construction spending, as the new-home sector heads into 2012 on a brighter note.
A man who posed as a home buyer pleaded guilty this week to sexually assaulting a real estate agent in Great Falls, Mont.
Bradley Joseph Crisman, a 21-year-old former airman from Malmstrom Air Force Base, could face from four years to life in prison for attacking the real estate agent.
The USDA is launching the Single Family Housing Guaranteed Rural Refinance Pilot Program, which is designed to help rural home owners refinance their mortgages in order to reduce monthly payments.
The Federal Housing Finance Agency is pulling back from plans to revise the minimum servicing fees paid on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans, and it also reportedly has abandoned a proposal to adopt a “fee for service” compensation model. The planned overhaul had generated much criticism from servicing advisory firms, particularly because no guidance was issued as to what servicers would earn on delinquent loans.