Voters Issue Warnings to Politicians on Housing

A majority of American voters say they value home ownership and oppose any steps by the government that make it more difficult to own a home, according to a nationwide poll of 1,500 likely voters, commissioned by the National Association of Home Builders. In fact, the poll revealed a word of caution to any politicians  running for office or re-election that they better not put roadblocks in the way of home owners’ — or those aspiring to be home owner’s — if they want to win votes.


Foreclosures Post Big Drop, Reaching 2007 Levels

Foreclosure filings posted a 33 percent drop in 2011, falling to their lowest levels since 2007, RealtyTrac reports.


Agents Predict When Rebound Will Take Shape

Expect the housing market to be in gradual recovery mode in 2012, according to a recent  survey of 1,000 RE/MAX real estate agents.


Fannie Extends Mortgage Relief to Unemployed

Fannie Mae says it will be providing more mortgage aid to the unemployed, possibly extending the forbearance period to up to a year to those who qualify.


Man Nearly Loses Home Over 80 Cents

Tom Mudie, a Largo, Fla., man, says he nearly lost his home over an 80-cent error. Mudie says when he went to submit his mortgage payment over the phone, he accidentally hit a “0” instead of an “8,” meaning he paid $615.02 instead of the required $615.82.


Builders Prepare to Work on New Developments in 2012

Although 2011 was among the slowest years ever for single-family construction starts, observers say builders across the country are preparing to commence work on new developments.