Are Designations Dead?  Read the following message from 2016 NAR Presidential Candidate Jim Helsel and you decide…

You hear, once in a while, the opinion that “designations are dead,” that education isn’t quite as important as it used to be and that the public has no idea what the all those letters mean. Considering the wealth of designations available through NAR and its upcoming master’s degree in real estate through Realtor® University, we should talk more often about the value of education in our business.

My Viewpoint:
I believe continuing education is essential to developing the skills expected of us by our clients. Designations are one way we tell one another, briefly, about the skill and experience that others can expect of us in transactions. They demonstrate our commitment to bettering our knowledge and competence. Being trained according to objective standards raises the bar for everyone. In the end, the public—our clients—are the winners. Not a bad bargain.

It’s hard to deny the value of designations, whether you’re new in the business—as evidenced by the strong support for education we see from our YPNers—or for experienced agents like me. NAR’s Institutes, Societies and Councils agree. I’m pleased to report that I have received the endorsement of four ISCs, including the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors® (SIOR), the CCIM Institute (CCIM), the Institute of Real Estate of Real Estate Management (CPM) and the Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers (CRB).

With 37 years of real estate brokerage experience, designations have made me a better Realtor®. But I’m not finished. I’m on my way to earning NAR’s GREEN designation. My goal is to “know green” by 2014. What do you want to learn to help you in your business and to help your clients and customers? Whatever you want to learn, whatever the special niche you might practice…the Realtor® family offers the best education for it!

Jim Helsel, 2016 NAR Presidential Candidate